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5. A Strange Marriage

Rumors reached Kamarpukur that Ramakrishna had became mad. His intense longing for God vision, was viewed by all as madness. His mother Chandramani Devi, naturally believed those stories. She called him back home for treatment.

Ramakrishna returned to Kamarpukur to meet his mother. Observing his normal and sweet nature, Chandramani was assured that her son was sane. However, fearing that he must be suffering from strange illness, she arranged for his treatment. 

Chandramani and Rameshwar also thought that it would be best that they arrange the marriage of Ramakrishna. Fearing his objection, they started searching for a bride without his knowledge. However, all their efforts proved vain. Somehow, Ramakrishna had sensed their intention. Moreover, in a jovial mood, he said, “Why do you search for a bride here and there? The one bride, marked for me, is in the house of Ramachandra Mukhopadadhya of Jayrambati.” 

Upon inquiry, they found out that his words were true. In the village of Jayrambati, there was a suitable girl for marriage, though she was hardly five years old. It was Saradamani, the eldest daughter of Ramachandra and Syama Sundari Devi. 

Saradamani's Birth 
Saradamani was born in the village of Jayrambati on December 22, 1853. Before her birth, her parents had strange visions foretelling that a goddess would be their daughter. One day, Ramachandra was having a short nap after his lunch. He dreamt of a beautiful girl of golden complexion. She placed her tiny arms around his neck and said that she was coming to his house. Ramachandra felt that the girl was none other than the Goddess Lakshmi.

A few days later, his wife Syamasundari Devi also had a peculiar vision. She was returning from the village of Sihore. Suddenly, feeling extremely tired because of the hot sun, she sat down under a Vilwa tree. A few minutes later, a beautiful dark girl came down from the tree. She was wearing beautiful ornaments and costly clothes. With a sweet smile on her face, she embraced Syamasundari. At that tender touch, Syamasundari became unconscious. When she awoke, the girl was not there. Syamasundari had a strange sensation that she had conceived the goddess Kali. When, their first child was born, they named her as Thakurmani (‘Jewel of a Goddess’). Later Thakurmani became known as Saradamani (one of the names of Saraswati, the Goddess of Learning).

Saradamani was five years old when she was given in marriage to Ramakrishna, who was then twenty three years old. After the wedding, Saradamani was taken to her parents’ home. Being the eldest child in her family, she took up the responsibility of looking after her brothers and sisters, even at a tender age.

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